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EvoShield Evocharge Batters Leg Guard WTV1100

EvoShield Evocharge Batters Leg Guard WTV1100

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EvoShield Evocharge Batters Leg Guard WTV1100 The EvoShield EvoCharge Batters Leg Guard WTV1100 defines the game of baseball. It allows players to consistently be fearless at the plate because they aren't afraid of wild pitches. There is Custom-Molding, Gel-to-Shell technology. The technology begins with the shield beginning soft and flexible but transforming to hard and protective in minutes. This baseball leg guard molds to fit either leg of the player, so regardless if you re a righty or lefty you can have an ankle guard. Also, the EvoShield Evocharge Batters Leg Guard WTV1100 includes inside ankle protection for your lead leg. So, if a ball is very low and inside on the inside corner, this EvoShield baseball leg guard protects you.

Baseball Leg Guard construction Impact is dispersed, not absorbed in this new sleek redesigned ankle guard. The smooth trapezoidal and triangular finish helps players look to par out on the diamond. The Quick Release Pull Tab allows for players to easily pull off their ankle guard once they reach base. The confidence players will obtain with the new clean look isn't seen in other baseball leg guard models on the market. The ankle guard covers the shin 6 5/8" in width & 10 5/16" in length from the bottom of the ankle to the top of the shin. The shield is hand washable, so when it gets extremely dirty and smelly, you can wash the leg guard. Also, another great feature is that it air dries.

EvoShield Leg Guard - innovative protection: The EvoShield company has risen onto the scene, only in the past couple of years. This is because of the innovation they bring to the game. Yes, there are other baseball leg guard models, but nothing that molds to the individual player. This innovation brings players a whole new level of protection. They disperse the impact of the ball in order to to add more protection. Come get your EvoShield products at the Baseball Bargains website! Model: V1100

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